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This is your first step to creating a presence on the
World Wide Web.

Anyone can make up an generic internet site. I can bring the essence of your business into that site.

Ask yourself a few questions?

A web page should not be defined as an 8 1/2x 11 sheet of paper. A web page is whatever space is needed to get a point across. If printed a web page could be 10 or more pages of text, or it could be one tenth of a printed page with only a single picture. Most business and home owners web pages consist of several web pages that are inter-linked with each other creating a masterpiece known as a Home Page. That is what I can create for you. Your own Masterpiece.

This page is considered a basic web page

You will supply me with information for your page.

  1. text
  2. pictures
  3. graphics
  4. music
  5. internet links you want to be associated with
I will take that information and set it into a well designed Home Page. It is as simple as that.

The price for making your Home Page, compared to all other forms of advertising, is minimal.

Price Breakdown:

  1. Basic Framed/Table Home page creation - $450.00
    A couple of pictures (3), your email address link, and your text. An Additional $45.00 per hour will be charged for advanced editing.
  2. Additional pictures - $3.00 each
    Additional picture scanning. This includes 1 (10K+/-) thumbnail and 1 (100K+/-) file picture.
  3. We will upload your home page to your new site location. Instruction on editing and uploading future updates is available.

Who will upload these to the server?

If you know how, you can upload the files to the server yourself. I will give you a disk with all the files needed to make your page work.
If you do not know how to link with the server I can teach you how. Uploading into the server from an FTP program is fairly basic once the program is set up correctly. Mainly services initial set up disk automatically presets their FTP program for you.

You want a page for your business, but don't have a computer

I can set you up on your own account with my local server, Willapabay.org, and do all the work for you. I can receive your email and fax you any orders that come in, or your new customers may just call you, if you put your phone number on your home page. Price may vary. A $15.00 per month server fee is required.

What types of sites can be made

  1. personal
  2. family
    1. family information
    2. family tree
  3. business
    1. services
    2. insurance
    3. goods/articles
    4. real estate
    5. banking
    6. entertainment
      • children
      • teenage
      • adult
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